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Stewart Kirkby

Licensee & Principal

LJ Hooker Lane Cove

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Respectful. Honest. Professional.

Stewart Kirkby

Stewart has an upfront and honest approach at all times giving vendors & Landlords peace of mind when it comes to making decisions regarding their home or investments.

Having been a practising real estate agent for 34 years, a franchise owner for the past 24 years and 16 years as a member of L.J Hooker's elite Captain's Club, as well as a Multi-Million Dollar member with sales results in the top 5% nationally, Stewart's experience, is second to none.

Stewart was voted top NSW Auctioneer 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2018.

Stewart is also a member of the LJ Hooker 21 Club


Went above and beyond

Paula Fox (Vendor)

Stewart Kirkby and the team at LJ Hooker went above and beyond when selling our property. They took the time to establish what our expectations were regarding the sale, and did an amazing job keeping us informed throughout. The results achieved were above our expectations and this was all due to the teams approach to the campaign, from advertising to styling and all suggested improvements prior to sale. Stewart did a fantastic job as auctioneer and i would recommend him highly to anyone looking to sell their property.

Hard Working, Helpful and Friendly

Elissa Auzins (Vendor)

Hard Working, Helpful and FriendlyVendor Review - Prior to our first meeting Damian well prepared and had a detailed plan to propose. He then followed up our numerous questions and phone calls prior to us signing with him for the sale of our unit.

During the campaign Damian was extremely professional and worked hard to generate interest then consistently provided us with valuable & accurate feedback after each inspection, he was also always available to answer any questions we had along the way. Overall very impressed with Damien's negotiating skills during the last week to deliver a sale price that was above our expectation.

Personally like to thank and congratulate you

Alex Brennan (Vendor)

I would personally like to thank and congratulate you and your team for the fantastic result you achieved this morning. Well done to everyone involved; your efforts have been well appreciated and the final result has exceeded expectations. I hope your agency receives some positive commentary given the record result.

Although the sale of the property came about due to a sad event in our lives, the result today will assist the beneficiaries greatly. Thanks again.

Professional, available and attentive

Will Maclean (Vendor)

Working with Danny Gorgievski and Stewart Kirkby to sell my property was seamless as it goes. I found them professional, available and attentive. The sale went well and we got a good price. What more can you ask for?

Great job!

Vince Newton (Vendor)


I would like to thank you for all the work you did towards the sale of 9 Wangalla Rd Riverview. The time you spent with us when we first decided to sell and the advice and comments you made were most useful. We were very impressed by the way you described the running of your Agency. We knew that we were dealing with a professional in all sense of the word.

Most of all may I say that I really appreciated your skill as an Auctioneer. I have been to a number of auctions over the time and must say that your skill was outstanding and most professional. Your initial approach to the crowd with your straight forward attitude created a relaxed but interested atmosphere. As time went by tension could be felt and upon this you worked.

Stewart , many thanks for your great job and the wonderful and most unexpected result.

I wish you many more years of outstanding Auctioneering.

Sound advice and provided good feedback

Jenny Reid (Vendor)

Both Carmen and Stewart gave sound advice and provided good feedback and encouragement through the short period of open house. Stewart's auctioneer skills really came to the fore and we were all delighted with the auction result. A big thanks to all involved.

Friendly & easy to deal with & showed great compassion

Rick & Julia Keane & family

A big thank you to Stewart, Michael & the team at L.J Hooker lane cove for the way they ran the sale of mum's property at 18 Mooney St, Lane Cove.

From the start Stewart knew exactly how he thought the property should be presented, advertised & how long the campaign should run for.

He had all the necessary contacts to prepare & style mums house prior to sale & Michael was always available to assist with anything we needed.

Stewart kept me up to date after each open so I knew exactly how much interest there was in mums place as it progressed. He was friendly & easy to deal with & showed great compassion in

understanding how much the home meant to us as a family. As the Auction date approached, Stewart had secured a large number of parties who had pre-confirmed their attendance at the auction.

On the day of the auction he amazed us with his detailed knowledge of the area & created a friendly atmosphere, all in all an outstanding Auctioneer, Resulting in a price we could only have dreamed of.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Stewart & his team to care for & achieve a wonderful price for your home too.

Honest down to earth manner

Heather Bassi

Frank and I wish to take the opportunity to thank you and the team at L J Hooker lane Cove.

Auction day was managed with flair, giving it the air of a gala event and putting the bidders at their ease. The result was a pleasing price, reaching the higher end of your estimate.

It proves you have the expert's touch in marketing and an uncanny feel for pricing the individual product on its merits.

Equally as important you kept us informed throughout the process. You were there for us at all silly hours when we needed to chew on your ear. All this was graciously given in an honest down to earth manner without pomp or affectation. For this we thank you.

Thank you for proving us right in choosing you to sell our property.

Warmest regards,


Stewart Kirkby

Licensee & Principal

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